About the Book

The North Shore Rescue Team has existed since 1965 and performed thousands of search and rescue operations on the North Shore mountains and other locations throughout British Columbia and Washington State. Team activities have assisted over 4600 lost or injured individuals in mountain and wilderness settings. North Shore Rescue is the busiest ground search and rescue team in Canada – performing more than 150 operations each year.

This book presents the oral history of the North Shore Rescue team. Team members, their spouses, and subjects provide unique insights, recollections, and perspectives on search and rescue operations. Some stories reflect life and death struggles, others are humorous, some generate disturbing thoughts and some are politically incorrect. Nevertheless, these are the memories and stories from people involved with the most experienced, best trained, best equipped volunteer search and rescue team in Canada.

This book contains stories of selfless volunteers performing complex rescue operations, camaraderie under stressful conditions, lives saved, lives lost, as told by people involved.

These stories will be of interest to those who climb, snowshoe, ski, hike, kayak, explore or engage in any other forms of outdoor recreational activity. Search and rescue activities in the wilderness intrigue many Canadians as we all live close to wilderness areas.

None of these stories have been shared with the public before now.

Each operational story contains a lesson associated with personal safety and provides insights into what to do, or not do, when lost or injured in the wilds.